Natalie: Sure, the plot of Bachelorette was coherent, but that was because it takes place over one focused, 24-hour period. Which made it an excellent play and translates fairly well to the big screen. However, in many ways it comes across as unrealistic, because it’s difficult to believe that in the span of a few hours these women would cart a wedding dress all over Manhattan, smear it with semen at a strip club, bleed all over it, and get it mixed up with trash on the street.

Meghan: Sure. It’s a movie, it’s not perfectly realistic. But at least they gave a nod to how preposterous the whole thing was. The dress wasn’t totally fixed when Rebel Wilson walked down the aisle. Unlike in Bridesmaids, where we were supposed to pretend like Maya Rudolph looked awesome in her dress monstrosity.

Do you remember how AWFUL that dress was? And then they ripped off a sleeve and presto! It was nice again? Except it was still AWFUL?

Crushable Debate: Bridesmaids vs. Bachelorette