6 Ways To Burn Extra Calories With Red Peppers

Who knew? “Good news for those who like it hot: A Purdue University study found eating red pepper can help both decrease hunger and speed up metabolism. Adding just one gram, or half a teaspoon, of ordinary dried, ground cayenne pepper to a meal will do.” -Elizabeth Nolan Brown, blisstree.com

We’ve got 6 recipes to help you burn extra calories with red peppers. Try them out.

How To Overcome Your Hidden Food Addiction

Is overcoming a food addiction like drug or alcohol addiction, in that you will never, ever be able to eat that particular food again?

It depends on the individual and his or her circumstances. In my case, I haven’t eaten those doughnuts since I overcame my addiction. That’s a result of changing my associations to the food so I no longer enjoyed eating it. Others who have a food addiction relating to portion size can learn how to take control of the quantities they eat. I still eat a piece of cake, a piece of chocolate, or some cookies once in a while. The difference is that it’s really once in a while, and I’m in control of if, when, and how much I eat.” -Hedley Turk